WaterRower GX Rower

Review of the WaterRower GX Home Rowing Machine

Beautiful, Compact and Quiet

When most lower-priced rowers go to sleep at night, I am sure that they dream of one day becoming a WaterRower. The company is famous in the industry for making beautiful, durable rowers that give you the sensation of being on the water, a lifelike feeling that is unmatched by any other water-resistance rower on the market today. They are definitely among the elite of the rower world. Read more

Velocity Magnetic Rower

Review of the Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

A Silent but Serious Workout Machine

A rower is a fantastic workout machine, it works all the major muscles and gives you a full-body workout. There are many models available on the market, so I find it necessary to carefully examine all the best options to find the one that is just right for me. I have read so much about different rowers that I sometimes feel that I am in the process of adopting one and I am carefully preparing myself for a significant life change. Laugh if you must, but thanks to my careful research I can now share with you all that I have learned so that you too can (hopefully) find the child… I mean rower … that you have always been dreaming of. Read more

Sunny Health & Fitness Rower

Review of the Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine

An Effective Rower at a Value Price

Not everyone will be able to afford a high-priced rower, so I’m glad there are budget-friendly rowers like the Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine to give me a quality workout without a hefty price tag. Sure, it may not have the fancy, high-tech features of higher-priced rowers, but not everyone is in the market for top-of-the-line machines, right? Read more

Stamina Avari Rower

Review of the Stamina Avari Magnetic Exercise Rower

Looking for a Silent but Effective Workout? You Just Found It!

This is the second Stamina rower that I’ve reviewed, and I worried a bit about focusing on one company. But it wouldn’t have been fair to leave out the Stamina Avari. This rower is an efficient machine designed for easy assembly, use and storage. Its sturdy construction can accommodate up to 275 pounds, which is more than the average rower’s 250-pound capacity. Read more

Stamina Air Rower

Stamina Air Rower Rowing Machine

Rowing Has Never Been More Comfortable

I know that Stamina makes very good rowers, so, in my search for a machine to use at home, I wanted to check them out first. The Air Rower appealed to me because it is an efficient and well-made machine that should be able to give me a full body workout that won’t be hard on my knee joints. I have knee problems so I can’t handle a treadmill, but I didn’t want to use my bad knees as an excuse not to work out. Read more

Stamina 1215

Review of the Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Orbital Rowing at Its Finest

Another popular rower from Stamina is the 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine. It is a well-made rower on the lower end of the price scale, but performs as well as some higher-priced models. The free motion arms on this rower mimic the motion of rowing on the water with actual oars; its hydraulic piston design allows you to work out quietly. I decided to include the Stamina 1215 on my list, even though I’ve reviewed a few Stamina products. Let’s see how this one stacks up. Read more

Stamina 15-9003

Review of the Stamina 15-9003 Rower / Recumbent Bike

Three For The Price Of One

A rower that has two other exercise machine capabilities? Can a home machine really transform successfully into three exercisers? I definitely had some questions when I came across the Stamina 15-9003, but it would be nice to have a rower that I could also use for stationary biking and strength training. This machine comes with a rather hefty price tag, so I had high expectations. Combination machines usually have to sacrifice something, somewhere, so I just had to know more about this machine. Read more

Stamina 1050

Review of the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050

So Much Value for Your Money

I had to review several different Stamina rowers because the company makes so many great rowing machines to fit every budget and fitness level. Stamina is committed to making quality machines and uses new technology to improve the rowing experience for customers. Stamina’s in-home rowers can be used to get your cardio workout as well as tone and sculpt your whole body – all while minimizing the risk of injury and stress on your joints. Read more

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000

Review of the LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine

An Excellent Rower for A Full Body Workout

If you’ve got a little cash to spend on a rower, but not enough to buy a machine at the highest end of the spectrum, you will most likely want to look at rowers in the middle of the price range about $400 to $600. The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 falls in this price range and it is fairly popular as well. Read more

Kettler Favorit Rower

Review of the Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

Well-Made and User-Friendly

The way things look matter to me. I am a sucker for things that are visually appealing, so one glance at the Kettler Favorit and I just had to know more. The manufacturer has many years of experience making fitness equipment and a good reputation for making quality machines. While it is true that I do like a machine that is attractive, appearance will only go so far. Quality and performance are what will get me to buy, so I thoroughly investigated this attractive rower to see if it’s just pretty, or if it has brains and brawn as well. Read more